Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lindsay > Bobby

Time for the 25 week weigh in results:

Uh oh, Bobby, you lost 2 pounds since the last weigh in 5 weeks ago. What happened?

Bobby: It was a fluke. I was sick that week and woke up vomiting several times the night before. I would estimate I lost about 15 pounds before the weigh in. It will make my win more dramatic.

Sounds like morning sickness. Did you, in fact, get pregnant yourself?

Bobby: I can neither confirm nor deny at this time.

Although Bobby sucks at putting on body weight, he has been putting up some very impressive weight at CrossFit 515 lately:  500# Deadlift, 415# Backsquat, 300# Front Squat, 275# Bench Press, 255# Clean & Jerk, 185# Snatch. Something (-------->) is obviously working. So Bobby, how nervous are you about testing positive during this year's Games season?
Bobby: The only thing I'm worried about testing positive for is too much awesomeness.  

Pretty cocky for someone that lost to a pregnant chick in a workout just last week. 

Bobby: No comment.

3 rounds
10 deadlifts (Bobby 315#, Lindsay 135#)
Double unders (Bobby 50, Lindsay 30)

Bobby 3:02
Lindsay 2:37

Less than 15 weeks to go. Better step it up, bro.

Enough about Bobby. How is this extra 20 pounds affecting my workouts? Body weight movements, especially pull ups, have gotten a lot harder lately, and my workouts are just a lot slower all around. The longer, light weight, grunt through it type workouts were my strength pre-pregnancy, so it's a little frustrating that those are the workouts I struggle with the most now. But, 25 weeks in and I'm still feeling great and doing most everything rx'd. Hopefully that will continue for at least 6 more weeks through the Open. 

102 days left! 


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