Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pregnant WOD Challenges

After recovering from my heartbreaking defeat in "Baby Grace" a couple weeks ago, I challenged Justin to a rematch wod.  "Baby Isabel" - 30 hang power snatches (95/65):

This time, I walked away with the win.  (Lindsay - 1:14; Justin - 1:23).  Losing to your pregnant wife is embarrassing, so of course he had excuses:  "Hand was chewed up from 100 pullups the day before and had done lots of 'heavy' snatches immediately before. And I'm just not that good at crossfit, and Lindsay is amazing and great. And apparently I just suck at doing anything unbroken."  It's 1-1 in the series; tiebreaker wod will be going down soon. 

Jaime wanted to get in on the pregnant wod challenge action as well.  Taking the creativity to a new level, Jaime strapped a 20# med ball to her belly.  (Because this totally simulates what it's like to be pregnant ... especially the post-wod birthing of her ball baby).  "Mama Bear":  7 bear complexes, 7 front burpees or back burpees, 7 bear complexes.  Jaime - 1:57; Lindsay - 2:18.  Should have known going to head to head with Jaime on a barbell wod wouldn't end well for me. 

Scaling -

With just over 5 weeks until my due date, I'm finding that I'm scaling more and more.  For example, movements this week:

- Regular pulls instead of chest to bar (I could maybe still struggle through C2B, but there were 55 of them in the workout so it would have been silly)

- Air squats for pistols (I don't think I've done pistols in a workout since November just because they haven't come up.  Although I don't really notice differences in my balance or loosening of joints/ligaments, pistols would definitely not be smart to do at this point)

- Push jerk weight scaled down from 105# to 85#.  105# isn't that heavy, but just cleaning the weight around my belly is getting awkward.

- Box jump height scaled down from 24" to 20".  Still doing box jumps to step downs.

- Double unders - still doing these, but in sets of 15-20 jumps to keep from getting too gassed.     

Regional wods

Finally, Regionals wods were announced this week and since I'm not competing this year, I'll share my opinion:  I don't like the progamming.  Maybe it's just because I would suck at these workouts -- if I were competing in Regionals this year (which I have little doubt I would have made it were I not pregnant), I would have paid $100 to compete in 2 workouts the first day with a guaranteed ticket home after wod 3.  Maybe I'm underestimating the beastliness of the female crossfitters out there, but 70# one arm dumbbell snatches?!  Dumb.  I will not be attempting any max one arm dumbbell snatches anytime soon, but I'm pretty confident it's far from 70#.  I'm predicting many female DQs after wod 3. 

Obviously, they think they need to overcompensate on the "heavy" stuff at Regionals because the Open wods are so light.  I agree with testing this component, but I think it should be tested some during the Open and some during Regionals.  The Open is over; all that matters is Regionals, and I don't see why freak strength is emphasized over the other components of CrossFit.  My biggest criticism is with wod 3 because of the way it's filtering the competition -- only women that can one arm snatch a 70# dumbbell (ten times in ten minutes) have a shot at making it to the Games; after wod 3 (actually, after wod 2), women will only be compared against other women who can one arm snatch a 70# dumbbell.  Where's the workout that disqualifies you immediately if you can't run a sub-6:00 mile, then only compares your strength with others who can also run a 6:00 mile?  

This shows the type of athletes CrossFit and Reebok want representing the sport on ESPN this summer, and I suppose there's nothing wrong with that.  I am, however, skeptical about whether this is smart marketing.  Yes, strong is sexy, but somehow I think there will be far fewer ladies out there watching the Games this year and thinking "wow, I want to look like her."  I could go on, but mini rant over (for now). 

37 days left!

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