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Final Weigh-In

2011 North Central Regionals

2011 North Central Regionals

Bobby is headed to Chicago for the CrossFit Games North Central Regionals, and Baby V could decide to come any day now.  Which means: it's final weigh-in time. 

It's been an exciting year.  Last year's regionals was one week before Justin and my wedding.  I competed in the team competition with CrossFit515, and Bobby competed as an individual.  We were both much smaller then.  

Now, let's see the weigh-in results ...  

38 1/2 weeks

Starting/pre-pregnancy weight: 125 lbs.
Target weight gain: 25-35 lbs.
Ideal rate of gain: 1 lb per week 
Goal weight: 150-160 lbs.
Current weight: 169 lbs. (yikes!)
Total weight gain: 44 lbs.

Starting weight: 175 lbs.
Target weight gain: 20 lbs.
Ideal rate of gain: 1-2 lbs per 2 weeks
Goal weight: 195 lbs.
Current weight: 195 lbs.
Total weight gain: 20 lbs.

My weight fluctuates like crazy from morning to evening, like as much as 10 pounds, especially when it's hot and humid out.  I weighed myself the morning of our final weigh in and was 159 lbs.  I guess I'm like a camel during the day, just holding onto a disgusting amount of water weight.  I'm very glad I'm due before the super hot, summer months.  Good work on hitting your goal weight, brother.  But, I'm officially declaring myself the "winner" ... and I cannot wait to not be this huge anymore!

Here's where some of my weight gain has gone -
Estimated 30 lb Weight Gain Composition:  

  • Baby: 7.5 pounds

  • Placenta: 1.5 pounds  

  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds

  • Uterine enlargement: 2 pounds

  • Maternal breast tissue: 2 pounds

  • Maternal blood volume: 4 pounds

  • Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 pounds

  • Maternal fat stores: 7 pounds

  • I don't think I'm having a 20 pound baby, so beyond the 30 lbs, I'm assuming most of the other weight I've gained is water weight and body fat.  44 lbs is a LOT ... over 1/3 of my pre-pregnancy weight, but considering I've been able to continue crossfitting, eating paleo, and everything has been healthy up to this point, I wouldn't do anything differently.  I figure there's a healthy reason for the weight gain.  Why the "maternal fat stores"?  The body stores extra fat during pregnancy to be used during breastfeeding.  (Good excuse, right?)

    Of course, I've been thinking about what my post-pregnancy weight will look like.  A baby, placenta, and lots of nasty blood and fluid are going to come out (have fun watching that, Justin).  So, even though my dad has tried to convince me this isn't how it works, I'm pretty sure after having the baby I'm going to leave the hospital weighing less than when I arrive.  Although, apparently some women swell and retain a lot of fluid if they receive IV fluids and an epidural during labor - both things I hope to avoid - and actually weigh about the same after delivery.  In the days following delivery, your body gets rid of a lot of the extra water weight so you pee and sweat a lot, losing about 4-6 pounds of water weight after the first week.  And within about 4 weeks of delivery, the uterus, which weighs about 2 pounds at birth, gets back down to its pre-pregnancy weight of about 3.5 ounces. 

    After all that, I'll obviously still weigh a lot more than 125 pounds.  What am I going to do to lose the rest of the weight?  Eat paleo, do CrossFit. 

    Bobby challenged me to a new weight gain/loss throwdown:  that he will hit 200# before I get down to 130#.  Challenge ... accepted!   

    Prego Push Ups
    Good luck this weekend, Jaime, Bobby, and Team CrossFit515!!! 

    10 days left! (But feel free to make your appearance before that, Baby V!)

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