Sunday, June 1, 2014

30 Weeks Down

I suppose an update is long overdue.  However, this pregnancy has been so similar to my first (and I did such a kick ass job on my blog that time around) that I haven't felt the urge to write.  I had my 30 week appointment a few days ago -- my weight was within a pound of what I weighed at 30 weeks with Landon (153.2 now, 154.0 with Landon), I'm measuring the same (30-31 cm, right on track), and the baby's heartbeat was even exactly the same as Landon's at 30 weeks (136 bpm).  (Keeping my fingers crossed that this baby will be like Landon after he/she is born too).

I'm doing pretty much everything the same with this pregnancy as with my first.  I have added an obsession with essential oils to my daily routine though.  In the fall, a friend of mine got into doTERRA essential oils, and I was a pretty easy sell to start using them too.  I've generated quite a collection of oils and slowly replaced lots of my cleaning products, beauty products, and items in our medicine cabinet with essential oils.  Most of doTERRA's oils are safe to use during pregnancy, and they can help with a lot of pregnancy related issues.  (If you want to join in the magic of essential oils, let me know (yes, I'm making a half-assed attempt at making money off of you) … but for real, oils are the shit).

Pregnancy has been uneventful, but life has been exciting.  About a month ago, CrossFit515 and my family got some local press (story and video).  A couple weeks later, we went to Chicago to watch Bobby, Jaime, and Kady compete individually at the North Central regional.  Landon had a good time …

He did make sure Uncle Bobby stayed hydrated before competing.  

I'm super proud of the CrossFit515 competitors!  Jaime finished 10th, Kady 11th, and Bobby 12th.    

And at the end of May, we went to Montana for my sister's wedding.  It was beautiful!  
 And Landon was looking like a badass.  Until he had a poop incident after dinner and needed a wardrobe change.  He was able to make the shark pants, beast mode bro-tank, and jacket look work though.  Complete with a pacifier of course … (yes, we need to kick that habit soon).  He turns 2 this week, and we've informed him that his life is about to change in many ways.      

67 days to go.  

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