Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20 week mark and IT'S A ….


Kinda looks like a baby, anyway … 

We had our 20 week ultrasound last week, and everything is looking good.  No, we didn't find out whether Baby #2 is a boy or a girl.  I prefer not knowing until I meet him/her, and I feel like it's something I'm not supposed to know until the baby is born.  I'm still waiting to see if I feel some strong intuition one way or the other.  With Landon, by the time he was born, Justin and I were both sure we were having a boy.  We didn't even have a girl name picked out (well, I did, but Justin hadn't agreed to it.)  For the record, my guess right now is that this one is a girl, but I don't feel certain about it the way I did with Landon.  

"Hey, get the eff outta here."  -Baby #2 (left); Landon (right)
The ultrasound tech took some creepy 3D pictures.  The baby was shielding its face most of the time, which Landon did during his ultrasound too.  It's cool getting to see the baby, but I find myself feeling anxious during the process and don't really enjoy it.  I don't assume any medical test or procedure is completely safe and without risk, and apparently an ultrasound "expose[s] the fetus to a sound as loud as that made by a subway train coming into a station."  So it's a mix of emotions of "awww, baby's cute little hand is up by his/her face," and "ok, baby's trying to block out the noise with his/her hands -- let's stop sending deafening sounds into my uterus and leave the baby alone."  But we've opted out of genetic testing both pregnancies (avoiding an ultrasound at around 12 weeks), and my doctors' office only routinely does the one anatomy scan ultrasound at 20 weeks.  So hopefully all continues to go well (and this baby doesn't get quite as cozy in my belly as Landon did -- we had a second ultrasound at 9 days past his due date) and this is our only ultrasound.

On the CrossFit front, 14.3 went pretty well for me.  I got 7 deadlifts at 205#.  Deadlifts and box jumps are a couple of movements a lot of pregnant crossfitters probably steer clear of.  I know crossfitmom.com is cautious about heavy deadlifting once you're in the second trimester.  I'm certainly avoiding anything close to my max (310#), but I didn't have a problem with the weights in this workout, and I tried to stay focused on not letting my lower back do the work.  As for box jumps, I actually didn't realize that step-ups were allowed.  Justin doesn't like me doing box jumps, but I'm still comfortable rebounding with 20".  I did a workout with 24" box jumps today though and reset every jump. Maybe step-ups would have been the way to go, but they just seem kinda lame.  (So there's your solid argument for why to do box jumps instead of step-ups while pregnant.)

As for 14.4, I got the very common score of 180, finishing the cleans at an unimpressive 13:43.  I hate rowing, always.  Toes to bar are usually good for me, but my grip was gone after my first couple sets.  And a big belly doesn't make toes to bar easier (shocker).   I didn't have any hope of getting a muscle up -- I'm pretty sure I did my last muscle up for awhile a few weeks ago :(  (On the plus side, I get to look forward to the great feeling of getting muscle ups back after the baby is born.  It's like getting your first muscle up all over again.)

One more Open workout to go.  Burpees and thrusters, anyone?  Not too stoked that they saved the burpees for workout #5 -- my belly got in the way a lot less 5 weeks ago.  But Bobby informed me before 14.4 that I'm not going to qualify for Regionals this year anyway … he's probably right.  He's got a good shot at making it though.


Landon's also been training his butt off.

"Uncle Bobby ain't got shit on me!"

Working so hard, sometimes he can't even stay awake to refuel with his bacon and coconut water.



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    1. I had the best experience with this facility. The tech is awesome and like all the other reviewers state, she will not let you go without telling you what you're having and they do rescan you if she can't tell you for FREE!!!