Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Pregnant CrossFit Open -- 14.1 at 17 Weeks

Yep, I'm doing the Open while pregnant (again).  Bring on the criticism.  I've participated in the Open since 2011.  Here are my Open finish stats:

  • 2011, 27th in the North Central Region; competed on CrossFit 515's team at Regionals. 
  • 2012, 6-7 months pregnant, 218th in the North Central Region.  
  • 2013, 32nd in the North Central Region; competed on CrossFit 515's team at Regionals and the Games.
I'm not as far along in this pregnancy as I was in 2012, and while I don't consider myself to be "competing" in the Open, I'm still excited to see how I stack up.  (After this year, I plan to have at least a couple years of pregnancy-free crossfitting.)

Here I am taking on 14.1 at 17 weeks pregnant:

I finished 6 rounds + 19 double unders (289 reps).  In 2011, my best score was 303 reps (due to website issues, we had two weeks to do 11.1, and I did it 3 times.  Pretty amateurish … the website malfunction and the three-peat.)  In 2011, I remember this workout absolutely crushing me -- as this workout should.  If you are pretty good at double unders, this is a total gut check of a workout.  But while pregnant, I stay within my comfort zone, and I don't allow myself to go to that scary place where you're not sure if your body can keep pushing.  So for me, this workout wasn't that bad, and even though I was 14 reps shy of my 2011 score, I'm going to go ahead and declare myself more fit now at 17 weeks pregnant than I was in 2011.  

It's cool to see many other pregnant women participating in the Open, and I'm glad CrossFit continues to shed a positive light on the issue.  I wish I could ignore the comments, but I'm usually tempted to see what the trolls of the interwebz have to say.  A few days ago, Jason Khalipa posted a picture on Instagram of his (very pregnant) wife doing 14.1.  Most comments were positive and encouraging, but I couldn't believe the comments some people would make on someone else's Instagram picture.  I guess that's the downfall to being a CrossFit celebrity … or married to one.  One certain douchebag, @BodyShopStudio, had a lot of particularly ignorant comments on the subject.  One of my favorites:  "'doc can I continue to exercise?' Vs 'doc can I compete in the crossfit open n do snatches n double unders' come on bro!  It's not about crossfit yet again it's about going to extremes in your last trimester."  Then he says "it's just hard to argue with people who r uneducated on the matter."  Well, I can agree with him there.  By the way, Jason's wife posted a score of 70 reps (1 round + 30 double unders and 5 snatches) -- hardly "extreme."

I'll just take comfort in the fact that I'm not so famous that random jackasses comment on my social media posts … maybe someday.

156 days to go!

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  1. Awesome job!!! This is so motivating for me seeing as how I'm 9 weeks along and also doing the open!