Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Open Workout 14.2 - 18 weeks pregnant

Another week down, three more to go.  I was happy to see chest-to-bar show up in one of the early workouts (because I'm only going to get bigger and heavier over the next few weeks).  I wouldn't say that chest-to-bar pull-ups are one of my (non-pregnant) strengths, but while training for Regionals and the Games last year, I got to where I was ok -- maybe even "decent" -- at butterfly chest-to-bar.  Add 15 prego pounds, and butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups are no longer happening.  I can still kip them, and that's what I did ...

I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but this video is of the second time I did 14.2.  That's right.  I did 14.2 on Friday, then I re-did it on Sunday.  "But you're pregnant! Why would you re-do an Open workout? You shouldn't be pushing yourself that hard."  I went into this workout thinking I could get into the round of 14s, and I fell only four reps short on my first attempt.  I had a minute to do my second set of 12 pull-ups, and I wasn't that gassed -- I just couldn't string many pull-ups together (because I'm HEAVY).  I knew that if I used a shorter pull-up bar and did mostly singles for my last 12, I could unlock the next level.  (It's like Mario -- if the flagpole is in sight and a koopa kills you, you're not not going to try the level again, amiright?!)  So I did.  I got 84 reps on my first attempt and 115 reps on my second.  Success.  Was it necessary for me to re-do the workout?  Of course not.  Was it pointless?  Maybe.

Turns out, after viewing my game tape and comparing it to some of the videos of top scores I've seen posted on the internets, I need to re-think my squat depth standard.  I seem to be squatting way too low.  Maybe below parallel goes from a requirement to a suggestion once you've competed as an individual at the Games multiple times?  Obviously, I'm not trying to go to Regionals this year, and the difference between myself and the top athletes is a lot more than a couple inches per squat.  However, for there to be any legitimacy to the "sport of fitness," the standards need to be upheld at every level, particularly by the CrossFit "celebrities" who the masses are looking up to.  Why would box owners hold their athletes to a higher standard than someone HQ paid $2,014 for getting the top score?  I think every year during the Open I have moments where I realize the entire process is dangerously close to being a big joke.  Then I remind myself I should only worry about myself … and blog about my complaints to my many readers.

But rest assured, my hard-ass judge (Bobby Noyce) let me know that, pregnant or not, he wasn't going to let me get away with any shit.  He's pretty good at CrossFit too …



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  2. I'm 17 weeks pregnant. You're awesome, I love reading the posts about your pregnant WODS. I've been keeping up as well, but I'm not at the caliber you are. How did you find the toes to bar on 14.4?