Friday, January 20, 2012

Yes, I can still walk

If you don't do CrossFit, I will probably try and avoid talking to you about the specifics of my workout routine while pregnant. Even a simple "yes" answer to the question of whether I'm still working out has gotten me sideways glances and concerned comments a few times. My favorite conversation on the topic went something like this:

Non-crossfitter:  You look great!  You probably haven't put on any weight yet. 
Me:  I've gained about 15 pounds, but thanks!
Non-crossfitter:  Have you still been working out?
Me: Yep.
Non-crossfitter:  Really? Well, I suppose you can still walk. Probably not run or lift weights or anything.
Me:  Yes, I can walk, but I still run and lift weights. I just can't go as hard as I did before.
Non-crossfitter:  Oh [look of concern]. Well, you still haven't put on any weight, so when you do your balance will be off and you won't be able to do those things or you might fall.
Me:  Yea, we'll see. 

First of all, I don't know why people who aren't doctors and have never worked out, pregnant or not, feel the need to give me advice on this. Second, I don't think my balance is going to be so off that I'll just start falling while working out (I'm sure Bobby would enjoy that though). And third, I do not consider walking (on my feet) exercise. Unless a pregnant woman is on bedrest, why in the world would she not be able to walk?! Walking is, of course, something we should all do. A lot. Everyday. But it's not exercise. Yet, most pregnancy information out there says something like "exercise is important during pregnancy." Good start. "Try walking 30 minutes!" Sigh. 

Walking that is exercise: 

[It is ok to be upside down while pregnant. From yoga websites and, the only reason I can find to avoid handstands is the risk of falling. I actually feel more balanced on my hands now, but I'll stop doing them if I feel like I'm at risk of uncontrollably crashing to the ground.]

I understand the need for the medical community to be conserative in their recommendations to pregnant women, but I do hope more research comes out about the benefits of doing crossfit while pregnant. I have no problem being my own personal case study on the topic. There may be no correlation, but so far, I know this: Justin and I both do CrossFit and eat paleo, and it was stupid easy for this whole baby thing to happen (no gross details, but as Justin says, he's batting 1,000). I've continued to do CrossFit and eat (mostly) paleo throughout my pregnancy, and so far I've had a very easy pregnancy. Maybe we're just lucky, in which case, I hope the luck doesn't run out come labor and delivery time.

Workouts at 21 weeks:
Tabata This: 37, subbed toes to bar for sit ups (row 5, squat 14, pull-ups 6, push-ups 6, TTB 6). PR 48
Wallballs & TTB: 5 rounds, 12 wallballs (14#), 12 TTB - 7:13
Split Snatch: 100#  (power snatch PR 95#, squat snatch PR 110#)
Elizabeth: 15:45 (PR 8:40 on Aug 3, 2011) 

127 days left!


  1. I love your blog! I totally agree with crossfitting while pregnant. I was doing it up to 36 weeks with my first. My labor was 3 hours long and I didn't take an epidural cause if you can do fran then you can give birth!! I'm 17 weeks in with baby number 2 and crossfitting 4 times A week. Good luck with your pregnancy and keep blogging :)

  2. a voice of reason! I am so sick of everyone judging me for continuing to work out - but I bet they'll also be the first to judge if a pound were to stick around after!