Sunday, July 1, 2012

Post-Baby Weight Loss and Benchmark Workouts

Landon is just over 3 weeks old, and other than adjusting to an unpredictable sleep schedule and never getting more than 2 1/2 hours of sleep at a time, I'm pretty much feeling like my normal non-pregnant self and have started to get back into a regular workout routine.

Post-pregnancy weight loss summary:  In the 3 weeks I was pregnant following the final weigh-in, I didn't gain any more weight. I weighed myself when we arrived at the hospital and was 165#. When I left the hospital two days later, I weighed in at 150#. The following week or so, I lost about 1-2 pounds per day and was down to 140# about a week and a half after Landon was born. The weight loss slowed after that, and I'm currently about 135-138 pounds (depending on the time of day). I'm still about 10# heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight, but I don't really have a weight loss goal ... I just want to be good at CrossFit again. (And Bobby is happy to let me know that currently I am not good at CrossFit.)

I didn't ask my doctor many questions about what I should / should not be doing as far as working out because I figured I wouldn't listen anyway. She told me not to lift anything heavier than Landon in his carseat for 6 weeks ... ha, ok.  I'm just following the same philosophy as when I was pregnant and listening to my body. Within a week of having Landon, I started going on walks, and 11 days after he was born, I did a workout with rowing, pull ups, and push ups. I felt super light doing the pull ups and push ups, but my body also got really tired really quickly.

My plan now is to do a bunch of benchmark and hero wods over the next few weeks to get some times to beat. Here are the ones I've done so far:

Helen, 6/22/12 -- 11:39 (PR 8:29 on 7/9/11)
Jeremy, 6/25/12 -- 5:43 (PR 4:40 on 5/3/11)
SQT, 6/26/12 -- 3:58
Jackie, 6/27/12 -- 10:30 (PR 7:38 on 7/26/11)
Cindy, 6/29/12 -- 14 rounds + 5 reps (PR 15 rounds + 11 reps on 2/21/11)

It feels weird, and a little scary, being able to push myself hard again, and I'm realizing it will be harder than I thought to build back that mental toughness. This week, I plan to include some longer workouts and workouts with heavier weight.

Landon and Uncle Bobby
As for being a new parent, I'm loving it.  Justin and I are convinced we have the cutest baby ever, so we asked Bobby whether we are just delusional parents or if he really is as gorgeous as we think he is. Uncle Bobby's loving response was:  "Babies r not gorgeous, they r pale little blobs of fat, there r only ugly babies and just babies, Landon is just a baby." He then changed subjects to the Magic Mike premier and his crush on Channing Tatum ... but I'm pretty sure he really thinks Landon's the cutest baby ever.

25 days old :)


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