Monday, November 7, 2011

Heart of America 3 recap (11 weeks pregnant)

This past weekend, I competed with team CrossFit 515 at HOA3 in Springfield, Missouri.  The event was huge (28 rx teams and 30 scaled teams), and I was extrememly impressed with how the competition was run.  The competition consisted of 8 wods - 2 on Friday, 5 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday.  We finished in 4th place overall in the rx division.  Everyone on the team did outstanding and should be happy with and proud of their performances ... of course, we were all going into the weekend with a goal of 1st place, so there was some disappointment as well.    
CrossFit 515
Lindsay, Bobby, Ross, Lance, Jaime, Tara

The weekend started off with 2 events within a 13 minute time cap: wod 1 was a 1600m run (score = average time of the 6 team members), followed immediately by wod 2, a max snatch completed within the 13 minute cap (score = combined weight of the 6 snatches).  Running seems to be getting harder and harder, and I was not happy with my 6:27 mile time. (But with an average mile time of 5:55, we easily won that event (average time of the 2nd place team in wod 1 was 6:13), so I couldn't get too upset ... Besides, I think the 6 hour car ride is more to blame than Baby.)  By the time I entered the building from the run and joined my team, I had about 6 minutes remaining to get a max snatch.  I snatched 105#, tying my PR, and nearly hit 110#.  I think a pregnant snatch PR is in order very soon!  We ended the day in 3rd place overall.
Thanks to VibrantEyePhoto for
taking these awesome pictures
of the event!!

Saturday, the wods / portions of wods I participated in were:

Max pistol squats (one-legged squats) in 2 minutes 
Score - 54

WOD 4 (with Ross)
8 minute amrap
8 thrusters (115/75)
10 kettlebell sumo deadlift highpull (100/70)
12 box jumps (24"/20")
- one partner working at a time. Ross and I alternated movements the entire time.
Score - 8 rounds + 12 reps

WOD 7 (with Bobby, Ross, Tara)
6 minute amrap
Burpee pull up ladder (round 1 each athlete does 1 rep, round 2 each athlete does 2 reps, round 3 each athlete does 3 reps .....)
Score - 133 reps (more than half way through round 8)

I kept my water bottle close by during all the wods, but these workouts were all short enough to be well within my current comfort zone. I found that team workouts like wod 4 and wod 7, with the forced rest time while my team members are working, are actually pretty perfect for me right now.  I focused on going hard and fast when it was my turn to work, but I wasn't worried about pushing it too hard because I never had to perform more than 12 (super fast!) reps without a break.

There was just one final wod on Sunday:
3 Women Perform 2 Rounds, then 3 Men Perform 2 Round of:
30 Bar-Facing Burpees
300m Row
30 Ballslams, (35#/50#)
30 OHS, (90#/125#)
30 CTB Pull Ups
300m Sandbag Run, one 60lb/90lb SB- all 3 athletes must run 300m  

Both rounds, I did some of the burpees, ballslams, overhead squats, and chest to bar pull ups.  For a 3 person wod with only 1 athlete working at a time, this was brutal!  But other than losing balance and dropping the OHS bar after only 4 reps when I was supposed to complete 10 (thankfully Jaime picked up my slack and finish the remaining 16 squats unbroken!), this workout went about as well as it could have gone. I think the most difficult part of the workout for me was (again) the running ... I did not feel good about myself while I was struggling to keep up with Tara who was carrying our 60# sandbag!  The girls finished our two rounds in right around 16 minutes then handed it off to the boys.  We were one of the few teams to complete the entire workout in the 32 minute time cap, taking 3rd in that event and 4th in the competition overall.   

It was a great competition, and I think CrossFit 515 will definitely be back in Springfield next year for HOA4!  Thanks for a great weekend, Team! 

201 days to go ...

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