Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello, 2nd Trimester

I officially hit the second trimester mark!  I haven't been quite as tired, and I'm hoping it's smooth sailing for a few months now.  Some of my friends have already been asking for belly photos, so even though there's not much to show off at this point, I've started taking weekly pics.  (Sorry Mom, I know you hate the bare pregnant belly pics.)  I'm excited to actually start looking pregnant and not just look like I had a big meal!  Maybe I should take my next photo after Thanksgiving dinner -- I'm sure I'll look pregnant then :)   
13 weeks
I've still been doing workouts rx'd and haven't been scaling weights or movements, although I have opted against doing GHD sit-ups and I skipped Michael over the weekend because I thought all the back extensions and sit-ups would be too much on my lower back (and because it was cold and windy and I didn't want to run outside.)  My times are a lot slower, especially on longer workouts (which there have been a ton of lately!) and anything with running.  WOD recap of the last couple weeks:

11/8/11 - White rx'd 24:22 (felt pretty good and was happy with this one)
11/9/11 - 110# snatch (PR by 5#) :)
                Isabel rx'd 6:15 (PR 5:31 on 8/19/11)
11/11/11 - The Couplet rx'd (3 rounds, 30 wallballs 14#, 30 squat snatches 45#)
                 17:44 (PR 13:48 on 7/22/11)
11/15/11 - Max Thruster 120# (tied PR)
11/16/11 - 3 rds, 800m run, rest 2 min -13:28 (previous 12:40 on 7/27/11)
11/21/11 - Nutts rx'd - 29:06 (PR 25:59 on 1/10/11)
11/22/11 - Fat Fran (15-12-9 thrusters 95#, weighted pull ups 30# vest) - 11:01 -- this was a nice preview of how hard pull ups will be 30 pounds from now!

11/17/11 - Beyond the Whiteboard 2 min challenge shoulders to overhead 75# - 45 reps

I'm trying to not get frustrated with feeling like I'm doing worse on workouts, and I struggle with knowing how hard I can push myself right now.  I hate finishing a workout and feeling like I could have pushed a little harder or gone a little faster.  I know now is not the time to push my limits, but I also sometimes worry that I'm going to get so used to backing off and forget what it's like to push myself through the pain.  Of course my biggest priority is making sure I'm doing everything I can to have a healthy baby, but I'm also trying to do what I can over the next 6 months to set myself up to be faster and stronger post-pregnancy than I was pre-pregnancy.  And if 5 months from now, all my workouts feel like pull ups did today with a 30# vest, I think I will definitely have the "stronger" part covered! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

186 days left 


  1. Hi lindsay. Keep up the good work. I am glad that there are other brave pregnant crossfitters in the same boat as me. Im due April 13th and registered for the open! Well lets explore all the possibilities and always listen to our bodies!

  2. Love this. While I switched over to strictly Oly lifting from crossfit several years ago. I'm in this position now. I know one of my training partners (a 9 year old girl) who is squatting more than me now. I'm very competitive and seeing my squat drop almost 150# makes me sad. I am however excited to see how easy (or not) birth is because I have been doing starting strength. I totally see our babes coming out as Stewie on that episode where he takes steroids (if you watch family guy).