Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lindsay vs. Bobby Weight Gain Challenge

From the B. Noyce archives

Pre-pregnancy ... yes, that's Hef
Starting/pre-pregnancy weight: 125 lbs.
Current weight: 130 lbs.
Target weight gain: 25-35 lbs.
Ideal rate of gain: 1 lb per week 
Goal weight: 150-160 lbs.

Starting weight: 175 lbs.
Current weight: 182 lbs.
Target weight gain: 20 lbs.
Ideal rate of gain: 1-2 lbs per 2 weeks
Goal weight: 195 lbs.

Weight Gain Composition:
Here's an average breakdown of where the weight is going if I gain 30 pounds while pregnant:
  • Baby: 7.5 pounds

  • Placenta: 1.5 pounds

  • Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds

  • Uterine enlargement: 2 pounds

  • Maternal breast tissue: 2 pounds

  • Maternal blood volume: 4 pounds

  • Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 pounds

  • Maternal fat stores: 7 pounds

  • What kind of weight does Bobby want to gain?  100% muscle. Why? "My sister doesn't beat me at anything, and she never will.  However, I also want to win the CrossFit Games and in order to do so I'm gonna need to be able to move around more weight.  Therefore, I need to get stronger, gain more muscle, get heavier."  -Bobby Noyce.

    I gained about 4-5 pounds in the first trimester.  A lot of women lose weight in the first trimester because of morning sickness, but I haven't had much nausea or morning sickness unless I go more than a few hours without eating ... so I don't go more than a few hours without eating.  I've read that I'm supposed to consume 300 more calories each day, but I have no idea how many calories I was eating each day before I got pregnant or how many calories I eat now.  I just eat when I'm hungry (before I get hungry, actually), eat healthy / mostly paleo food, and don't stuff myself (that also makes me feel sick).  By doing those things and continuing to crossfit during my pregnancy, I figure a healthy weight gain will take care of itself ... and I don't think there is any way Bobby is going to gain as much weight as I am no matter what I do.  Pretty much a sure win for me, but good luck, bro.

    What's Bobby doing to accomplish his weight gain goals?  "Umm, I plan to keep picking up heavy $#it and eating more." 

    Terms of the challenge?  We are open to suggestions.

    14 weeks


     Who's your money on?

    179 days to go

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