Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stronger and Faster

One thing I love about CrossFit and keeps me coming back is I'm constantly improving and setting PRs.  The week I found out I was pregnant, I had a very frustrating workout week (especially because I hadn't told anyone (except my husband) that I was pregnant):

9/20/11... Nancy- 12:31 (PR 11:32, 6/16/11)
9/22/11... 5k Run- 22:11 (PR 21:36, same course 8/17/11)
9/23/11... Fran- 3:34 (1 second PR from 7/23/11) 
9/24/11... Nicole- 120 reps (first time doing Nicole, but only got 30 pull ups on my first round and max pull ups PR was 40 reps 4/16/11)

If workouts were already this hard at less than 5 weeks, I couldn't imagine what it would be like 25 pounds from now!   

Lincoln Soldier Challenge (4 weeks pregnant)
It hasn't all been scaling back and frustration - I've also had some exciting PRs.  My brother, Bobby Noyce, made up the "Ultimate Athlete Challenge," which we did at CrossFit515 on Oct. 14.  You run a mile, then you have the amount of time it took you to run a mile to find a 1 rep max deadlift.  Score = mile time - deadlift weight.  A long time goal of mine had been to run a sub-6 minute mile, and I finally accomplished that goal with a 5:54 mile ... while 8 weeks pregnant :)  I also PRed with a 305# deadlift (previous max was 300# on 9/26/11 - 5 wks).  554 - 305 = 249.

On Oct. 22 (9 weeks), I did Grace in 2:41.  Previous times were 3:27 on 6/12/11 and 5:20 on 11/6/10.

Getting PRs on workouts is obviously not my focus right now, but I still like having my scores and times to compare.  I've felt much better on the shorter workouts.  We've done tons of 15-20+ minute wods lately (we follow mainsite at CrossFit 515), and I think my rest time during these longer workouts is surpassing my work time.

207 days left!

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