Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 CrossFit Games Open: Complete

The 2012 CrossFit Games Open is in the books, and I can officially check off my goal of competing in the Open while pregnant.  Even 7 months pregnant, I'm the 218th fittest woman in the North Central region.  Not bad. 

12.5 was last year's 11.6, so it was easy to compare how much the extra weight is holding me back.  Last year, I did 11.6 twice and got 89 reps the first time and 91 reps the second time.  This year, I got 70 reps.  My weight is around 150-153# now (about 25-28# heavier than I was last year at this time), so not surprisingly, the chest to bar pull ups were tough.  To put it in pre-pregnancy perspective, my max weighted chest to bar pull up on August 1, 2011 was 28.5# ... basically my current body weight, yikes!       

I'm proud to say, CrossFit 515 represented very well in the Open!  The team finished 6th in the North Central region and 46th worldwide.  Jaime Noyce (7th), Bobby Noyce (12th), and Bart Boyd (25th) qualified individually for regionals.  And Shelley Noyce, my mom and reigning Games champion in her age group, finished 3rd worldwide in the 55-59 year old master women division ... headed back to Cali!  Let's hope we have some more 515 athletes joining her.  I'm excited to watch everyone train and prepare to dominate in Chicago this year!!!

Now that the Open is over, I think I need a new crossfitting while pregnant goal to set my sights on because, I'll admit, I'm getting sick of being pregnant while working out.  Not that there's much I'm scaling or not doing -- I still do things like rope climbs, handstand walk, and got a new 3RM on overhead squats yesterday of 140# (prior 3RM was 135# and 1RM is 145#).  But, especially after watching everyone at CrossFit 515 crush the Open wods, I'm getting anxious to be able to train as hard as I want again and get back to being able to do everything I used to do.

61 days left!


  1. I too competed in the 2012 CrossFit Open in Canada East between weeks 35-39. No regrets. Glad to see you did too.
    6 days left for me!