Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Open Standings After Week 2

After two weeks of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, I am currently in 202nd place (out of 1,282) in the North Central region and 2,763rd place (out of over 18,000) worldwide.  Not bad considering the prego-style burpees I had to do week 1 and that the week 2 wod would have been a weakness for me pregnant or not.  

I love that, with the online format of the Open, I'm still able to compete and even help my team (CrossFit 515) despite being super pregnant.  I'm trying to focus on how my workouts now will make me a better, stronger crossfitter after my pregnancy, but it is a bit frustrating looking at the workouts and thinking about how much better I could perform if I weren't pregnant.  I'm typically all about the longer, bodyweight metcons, but this year with an extra 25(ish) pounds of bodyweight I think I'll stack up better on shorter, barbell biased workouts.  Unless they throw in ab-mat or GHD sit-ups, which I don't think they will, I don't see there being any movements I can't do.  Muscle ups went out the window a long time ago, but I don't see them programming muscle ups unless it's done like 11.4 was last year.  I can still do rope climbs (I did them yesterday with 115# C&J), chest to bar pull ups (I think), toes to bar, kipping handstand push ups (I've never been able to figure out strict ... on the post-pregnancy goal list), box jumps (jump up, step down), double unders, and all barbell / weight movements.

Here's what I predict workout 12.3 has in store for us -
12-15 min amrap, some combination of
pull ups or toes to bar
light barbell (95/65), maybe front squats, OHS, or thrusters
box jumps or double unders

I'm excited to see everyone on team CrossFit 515 (currently tied for 10th in the region) complete the rest of the Open wods at the new CrossFit 515 location!!!  Check it out -

81 days left!

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