Friday, March 2, 2012

3rd Trimester and Open wod 12.2

27 Weeks
I made it to third trimester!  Third trimester starts at 27 weeks (based on most things I've read), and I'll be 28 weeks this Saturday (tomorrow).  At this point, the baby is pretty much fully developed and just needs to continue to mature and pack on weight before delivery.  Babies born at 27 weeks have a greater than 90% chance of survival, but let's hope this baby decides to stay put for at least another 10 weeks!  The baby only weighs about 2 pounds now, so his/her weight will still almost quadruple by birth (the average weight of a full term newborn is 7.5 pounds).  Uncle Bobby -- Baby Vaught is calling you out!  Bobby vs. Baby V weight gain challenge from now until birth??

As my belly gets bigger, some CrossFit movements are becoming more difficult or modified, including this week's snatch-extravaganza Open wod 12.2.  One of the main cues I tell people with snatches is "keep the bar close to your body" -- this is not a great thing to focus on with a big, pregnant belly.  However, other than thinking "do not smack yourself in the stomach," I don't think pregnancy hindered my performance all that much on this workout.  My max snatch is 110#, which I got on 11/9/2011 (11 weeks pregnant), and on that same day I did Isabel in 6:15 (30 snatches at 95#).  My Isabel PR is 5:31.  So my goal for 12.2 was to get some of the 100# snatches, but I didn't expect to get too many.  Here's how it went.

The 30 reps at 45# were super light, but still enough to get my heart rate up and shoulders tired.  I should have moved faster through the 30 reps at 75#, but I started worrying about how tired I would be for the 100# reps.  I ended up getting 5 reps at 100#, for a total of 65 reps.  Not thrilled with it, but not disappointed either.  I foresee a lot of people re-doing this wod multiple times.  There's a lot of strategy with how to break up reps, it's not that fatiguing of a workout, and a few reps will make a big difference in standings.  If a better score will help team CrossFit515, I may re-do 12.2 this weekend because I'm confident I could get at least a few more reps if I move more quickly through the 75# reps.

Update: I re-did 12.2 over the weekend and got 69 reps (4 reps better).  I did the 45# snatches unbroken, then I started the 75# snatches with two sets of 5 then did singles.  I think I finished 75# with about 4:30 left, so the difference was just having more time with 100#. 

What do I think of 12.2?  Overall, I think it's a pretty good workout to follow the all-burpee wod.  12.2 should shut up the people whining about the lack of skill or strength needed for 12.1.  The snatch is a high skill movement, and I'm a little surprised they would throw it in this early in the Open.  I was expecting maybe deadlifts or ground to overhead, but the starting snatch weight (75/45) is so light that this workout shouldn't exclude anybody.  I don't get the reasoning for the variance in guys' weights versus girls' weights, although I am glad I didn't have to jump up to Isabel weight for reps 31-60.  If the last 3 Open workouts are more classic CrossFit wods, couplets or triplets with moderate weight, then I think HQ has done a good job of programming for the Open ... as long as they don't throw anything in there that I can't do :)

Two weeks down of successful pregnant CrossFit Games Open participation, three weeks to go! 

85 days left!

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  1. Good job!! Love your blog:) I'm 17 weeks baby number 2 and crossfitting the whole way (I hope!)