Monday, March 12, 2012

Open wod 12.3

Three weeks of the 2012 Open down, two weeks to go.  After two single modality workouts, I think we were all excited to see a good, classic CrossFit wod for 12.3.  Here's how 12.3 went for me (at 28 weeks pregnant).  

Box Jumps -- I've been following the recommendation to "continue doing box jumps until they become uncomfortable, then switch to step ups."  Jumping onto the box has not felt weird or uncomfortable yet, but jumping down and rebounding off the floor sometimes does, so lately I've mostly been doing box jumps with step downs.  When the workout was announced, I planned on doing 12.3 with step downs, but rebounding off the bottom felt good that morning so I went with that (other than the few reps to finish out round 3 after I missed the box on one jump ... I was more careful the rest of the workout).  Warning: bladder control may be an issue while jumping and 6 1/2 months pregnant. 

Push Press / Shoulders to Overhead -- Not really any different than doing these non-pregnant, but I do think I would have been able to do a lot more sets unbroken if I weren't concerned about keeping the intensity at a pregnancy-comfortable level.

Toes to Bar -- Anything that involves getting my feet close to my hands has gotten much more difficult in the last couple weeks.  Kipping these fell apart very quickly, then it was all about grip ... and I'm heavy!

The big question (asked in response to my 12.3 video on YouTube):  do [I] really think its a good idear for a pregnant woman ?

In addition to Bobby's sarcastic response, I'll answer pioneerworx seriously.  In no way do I think I'm crossing the line of what's safe and healthy to do while pregnant, especially with this workout.  If you watch the video, I took frequent breaks, including drinking water 6 times.  I felt good the whole time.  If something felt uncomfortable or wrong, I would have stopped.  I was doing a workout on Saturday that ended with running, and about 100 meters into the run, it wasn't feeling right.  So I stopped.  I understand my body has limits now that it didn't have before, and figuring out those limits is a learning process.  But what I think would be a bad idea is throwing exercise and a healthy diet out the window because I'm pregnant and going to get huge anyway -- that's a ridiculous attitude to have.  In short, yes, I do think it's a good idear. 

My prediction for 12.4:  8 minute amrap, double unders and overhead squats (95/65)

75 days left!

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