Monday, March 19, 2012

30 Weeks & Open wod 12.4

30 Weeks

20 Weeks

Less than 10 weeks to go!  It's funny looking back on pictures where I first thought I was really looking pregnant (around 20 weeks) and comparing to now ... and thinking how HUGE I'm going to get over the next 10(ish) weeks.  It's crazy everything that happens and how much your body can change in such a short amount of time.

There are definitely some down sides to being pregnant, especially on days like St. Patrick's Day, but I still have no big complaints.  I have to pee a lot, but I've always had to pee a lot, and sometimes my back hurts.  But I'm (mostly) just enjoying the experience ... and Justin's and Bobby's fat jokes.  Enjoy them while you can, losers.    

I'm just one workout away from accomplishing my goal of competing in the Open.  And I'm not the only crazy pregnant lady doing this -- -- Shanyn has visited CrossFit515 a few times and is due about a week before I am.  (Notice from her video that she's also still doing box jumps).  And she got 93 reps on 12.2, 9th in her region on that workout -- WOW!

About 12.4 - I wasn't super excited when 12.4 was announced.  Wallballs have never been my thing, double unders have gotten a lot harder lately, and muscles ups stopped happening around 19 weeks.  Pre-pregnancy I was decent at muscles ups, and that's one thing I'm really looking forward to being able to do again.  Here's pre-pregnancy video of my second ever muscle up (Nov. 2010) and me doing Amanda (July 2011):  

 Anyway, my goal for 12.4 was obvious: get through the double unders.  With a 9' wallball target, I didn't think this would be too difficult to achieve.  But on my first attempt last Thursday, I only made it through 71 of the double unders.  My excuses:  it was my 3rd day in a row working out, I was still sore from my version of "J.T." (21-15-9, shoulder press 65#, dips with a band, push ups), and I had a stupid strategy (starting with a set of 25 wallballs).  Even though my score wasn't going to matter for the team, I wanted to get through the double unders.  So after a few days of hobbling around and wondering if my legs would ever feel normal again, I redid 12.4 on Sunday with a strategy of doing sets of 10 throughout for wallballs and double unders:   

Not much time to spare, but got my 240!  I only left myself a few seconds for a really solid muscle up attempt that wasn't captured on video.  Trust me, it was super close.  At least my legs aren't as sore after my second attempt at this wod as they were after my first.  I must have looked like a big, uncomfortable pregnant lady because while waddling around last Friday, I was asked "are you due any day?"  Nope ...

68 days left :)   

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